An Ode to Lattes

Lotta Love for Lattes

A hot caffe latte is the quintessential fall beverage. It is a rather uncomplicated drink, consisting only of an espresso shot and steamy, frothy milk. The name ‘caffe latte’ is translated from Italian simply as ‘coffee with milk’ and it has been in use since the 17th century. Now that’s a whole ‘latte’ time to gain popularity. To this date, it is one of the most beloved drinks in Europe and the Americas, averaging at just about half a billion cups a day. In fact, most people prefer adding milk to their coffee as opposed to plain sugar. That says a lot about how much we value the velvety smooth texture of the drink and its rich, bold taste. To expand on that, the ever-increasing number of milk varieties available has fueled our love for coffee even more. This is due to the fact that the type of milk you go for can alter the taste and texture of your latte dramatically. For example, if you opt for good old cow’s milk or dairy creamer, your drink will be slightly thicker due to the high content of fats in it. For those of us watching our waists, unsweetened almond or soy milk might be the best option as it only amounts to around 20 calories per serving – 80 less than regular milk. If your main concern is reducing your negative environmental impact and helping the planet, go for oat or rice milk, as those grains are the easiest and least resource-intensive to grow.

Latte art is one more thing to love about this caffeinated drink. It is the process of pouring steamed milk over the shot of espresso in a very slow and deliberate manner, in order to create different shapes in the frothy bit at the top of your cup. Depending on your barista’s level of expertise and experience, the images in the brew can vary from symmetrical depictions of leaves or hearts to intricate designs inspired by animals or cartoon characters. Have you ever stared mesmerizingly at your barista as they slowly rock the milk container back and forth, creating patterns in your cup? What if I told you you could learn to do it as well?

How to Pick a Latte Machine

There are a ton of benefits to owning a latte machine. Nowadays, most of the ones on the market are affordable and cheap to run. However, because the number of models is increasing rapidly, choosing the best coffee maker specifically tailored to your needs can be a tad overwhelming. It’s very easy to lose yourself in the hundreds of articles and videos analyzing and breaking apart every single feature of a device in excruciating detail. How tedious! Luckily for us, there actually is a website that gives you the information you need straightforwardly.CoffeeOnPoint – coffee products review site – is run by a team of experts who do the research and provide you with in-depth articles and pros and cons about everything coffee related. Whether you’re looking to purchase a beginner gadget, or something more professional, they have your back. If you’re unsure which appliance is right for you, head over there and read reviews of the best latte makers by Coffee On Point!