Bike to Mamaia for a Taste of the Black Sea

bike in mamaia

Consider to be Romania’s most popular tourist destinations, Mamaia is a resort situated on the Romanian Black Sea shore. Within a close proximity to the city of Constanta, Mamaia has almost no residents as it is populated only during the summer. The Mamaia resort is positioned on an 8 km long / 300m wide strip of land between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol. Although Mamaia is seen as a perfect destination for many Romanians during the summer, the resort manages to attract tourists from all over the world thanks to its unique beauty.

According to a popular local legend, the gods created the beach in order to reunite a kidnapped princess with her daughter who as the legend has it, was abandoned on the beach screaming “Mamaia, Mamaia” (old Romanian word meaning ‘mother’). Legend or not, the white sand on Mamaia’s seashore makes way for a large number of pear trees that you can find shading the beach all across the land.

Unique beaches

Believe it or not, Mamaia is the only resort in Europe that has pure white sand on its beaches, a type of sand that is most common in tropical places like Hawaii. Mamaia’s seaside is filled with this beautiful white sand all around, although you might find the occasional pear tree near the beach every once in a while. The resort’s beach season is between May and September which is when the average temperature stays between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. Despite the season coming to an end in September, there is really nothing stopping you from enjoying Mamaia’s warm waters until late autumn. As a matter of fact, you may find Mamaia’s beaches to be populated by a large crowd of people as late as October after particularly hot summers.

These beaches are kept well-cleaned for the most part, although for a truly immaculate beach you might want to try one of the privately owned beaches of one of the local hotels. You will also be pleased to know there are quite a few beach bars at Mamaia, some of which that actually take great pride in the fact that they can make virtually any cocktail in the world should the customer ask nicely.


Tourists can get around Mamaia in a Cable Car, a transportation method that isn’t about speed or convenience, but rather to give tourists a chance to enjoy the view. As far as aesthetics go, Mamaia is one of the most attractive resorts in Europe so taking your time to fully enjoy its beauty might not be such a bad idea after all. Mamaia isn’t all about the pretty beaches however, as visitors are encouraged to take their chances at one of the many mini golf courses if they see fit. If they have excess steam to blow off, they can give one of the tennis courts a try while the more cultured individuals can enjoy the outdoor theater. For those who cannot under any circumstances stay still, the Mamaia resort features water sports and cruises towards Ovidiu Island which is close by.

There are also more than twenty restaurants available at all times, restaurants in which tourists can enjoy various dishes to keep their belly full between swimming sessions. If you’re looking for a calm and quiet vacation down at the seaside, you might be out of luck. Mamaia is actually a very loud resort for the most part, as it is extremely popular among young people from all over the Eastern Europe. It isn’t therefore unlikely to find yourself just a couple of hundreds of feet away from a music festival or concert as youth-inclined television stations always jump on the opportunity to organize these sort of events at Mamaia to boost their ratings.


Hotels in Mamaia range from mid-end to exclusive top of the line establishments. The mid-end ones are between 2-3 stars while the exclusive ones can be as good as 4-5 stars. A few private clubs are also available for those who can afford them as the prices may get a bit steep. Interestingly enough, locals will actually offer you rooms to rent as soon as you arrive in Mamaia as is accustomed to tourists destinations everywhere. These rooms, although not as luxurious as hotel rooms, may end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, should you choose to vacation for a long period of time. As per usual, hotels will always try and oversell their services to unsuspecting tourists so you might want to hire a travel agency to do the negotiations for you.

Furthermore, some hotels may even rent out rooms to the highest bidder, so if money isn’t an issue, you can always out-bid other tourists for a room at a nice hotel. This shouldn’t worry you however, as there are quite a lot of local agencies that will find you a nice play to stay according to your budget, and all this for a rather small fee.

A sublime Black Sea experience

As far as exotic vacations go, Mamaia can fulfill every expectation you may have. Its white sand beaches and warm breeze can turn a good vacation great in no time. Although people don’t really consider the Black Sea as a suitable destination for an exotic vacation, it would be a shame not to give Mamaia a try should you ever feel like enjoying the Black Sea experience first hand. From tennis courts to outdoor theaters and water sports, Mamaia features almost any activity you might think of, all of which for a quite decent price compared to other European beaches. The beautiful resort is home to some extremely entertaining venues such as Aqua Magic, a cool water park with gigantic slides and custom pools.

As soon as the swimming sessions are out of the way, you can always enjoy a quiet afternoon shopping at La Cumparaturi, a shopping center filled with everything you might need. In the evening, you can enjoy the view over Mamaia from within a cable car while gliding peacefully above the resort. Yes, when people discuss European beaches they usually mean places like Saint Tropez, but this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an equally entertaining vacation a few thousands miles to the East, at the Black Sea.