Quick Money On The Internet

The virtual realm of the Internet is practically boundless in money-making possibilities. Anybody has access to it nowadays, and thus anybody has the means to produce quick and clean money. Your imagination is the only limit holding you back from becoming a successful online entrepreneur!

Online surveys

Many companies request the help of students, in general, to answer their questionnaires and surveys on their various products. It takes just a couple of minutes and you can get paid up to $6 for a single survey! Bring in the forms!

Get paid for surfing the Web

This idea came from a company named Qmee. For every words typed in your favorite search engines, you can earn various amounts of cash, depending on your searches. You just need to install their add-on and you’re good to go!

Crypto currencies

With the boom in recent years of BitCoin and other crypto currencies, more and more people have started investing in the online coin trading platforms. You have the chance to invest $10 in a coin no one has ever, ever heard about and, with a bit of luck, in a few years you can become a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire!

Start a website

Do you have an idea? Are you an original writer with compelling stories that drive the masses to constantly click on your website for new stories? Launch your own website and start monetizing your visits, and with the rise of social media platforms, chances are you can get the visibility you need in no time at all!

Start an Amazon Kindle e-book series

Speaking of writing, you can upload your books on Amazon now, for free! Their platform is super user-friendly to use, and the best thing is you get the most out of the sale. True, Amazon does subtract a percentage out of your book sales, but now you can be your own publisher, and you can sell your books at your price, without pesky publishers and weak contracts!

Register on Fiverr

Got a talent that’s sitting around unused? Like to draw, write, or maybe code? Register on Fiverr, where you can put your services on sale starting from $5. Of course, you can ask for more, depending on what services you are providing to you clients, but isn’t it nice to know that you can sell out on your hobbies and make some cash out it?

Music reviews

Okay, we talked about almost all the arts, but we forgot music. Get paid to listen to music?! Yes, you can.
There are many online platforms that allow you to review bands not yet signed to a record house, and the bright side is that, besides enlarging our discography, you also get paid for it!

Notebook sales

Still in college? Does your hand ache from the notes taken in your Molecular Chemistry class? Sell your notes to freshmen who’ll need them in the future. Tip: you can make Xerox copies!

There so, so many possibilities now in the 21st century to make money that it’s incredible people are still poor and trying to make a living. Remember, if you’re bored, instead of playing on your PS4 or crying out of self-pity, try some of the advices you just read. I’ll see you when you’re rich!