What makes a good waist trainer belt

A waist trainer belt is just one garment from a large family of compression wear. The trainer belt is made from elastic materials and is worn around one’s waist to aid in achieving the desired waist shape. Other compression wear includes forearm sleeves, calves sleeves, or even bodysuits.

Waist trainer belts work by increasing the body’s temperature. Simply put, this makes the person sweat more under the waist trainer belt. The raised body heat forces the body to burn more calories than usual which is why it is recommended to wear the waist trainer belt during a workout when you already burn a lot of calories. This way, it will be more effective than if worn during watching TV. By increasing the intensity of your workout and burning more calories, it is easier for the body to get rid of the remaining body fat.

A waist trainer belt by itself will not cause any miracles. When paired with a regular training routine it can be quite beneficial though. There are plenty of various waist trainer belts available in stores but which one is the most effective? When choosing to purchase a waist trainer belt, or any compress wear for that matter, there is one specification worth looking into the most.


First of all, a good waist trainer belt has to fit tightly around one’s waist to work properly. Waist trainer belts that are supposed to be worn during working out are typically made from rubber, latex, spandex, or other similar elastic materials. Lately, a relatively new type of material called neoprene has been getting more popular.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that was first discovered in the first half of the 20th century. In the beginning, it was used mainly in engineering and construction. Its capabilities as a component of sportswear were discovered much later.

Neoprene is not only sturdy and elastic but also water-proof. For this reason, it is often used by athletes as swimming wear. Wearing a neoprene bodysuit allows the body to keep body heat at the optimal level even when in cold water. This allows for prolonged training sessions in the pool or any open waters. Neoprene also protects the body from damaging effects of sunlight so it is a good material for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

A neoprene waist trainer belt is extremely efficient when it comes to increasing body temperature and will make any workout more intense. Thanks to its waterproof abilities it is also easier to clean as it doesn’t soak in sweat as much. There are no limits to its color or texture variations so you should be able to find a neoprene waist trainer belt in any design of your choosing. Some studies even show that neoprene can be helpful when dealing with cellulite but it has not been 100% proven yet.

If you want to start wearing waist trainer belts, purchase a good one that has been proven to work effectively. Buying a cheap one from shoddy materials will not have the effects you desire and can only discourage you from wearing compression wear in the future. A neoprene waist trainer belt will surely be a good start.